45: Apple is DOOMED! iPhone XS, Watch Series 4 LEAKED

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Sep 10, 201839m
45: Apple is DOOMED! iPhone XS, Watch Series 4 LEAKED
Sep 10 '1839m
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This week something cool is about to drop… and it’s not the theme tune to Fragil Rock. It’s that time for Apple’s special event - 2018. The invitations are out, but so are the rumours. This year also comes with a whole bunch of leaks (whoooo let the dogs out). So Jonathan chats to Jake via some crappy Skype phone sound (apologies) and go over the pre-event rumours and leaks, as they surface. We explore the 3 different iPhone models, possible iPad and iWatch improvements and what it means for this ‘Tick-Tock’ tock year. We also look at the flaws in Apples yearly improvements but the desire that captivates all Apple users to buy every year. Oh and some Yodelling… Find out more about the Master-Class here:

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