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Empathy | 004
Oct 17 '1816m | se1e4
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Empathy involves being aware of how we feel, and for George Pusloskie, the host of the Power of Love podcast, he didn’t know how to feel for others until he cracked open the gateway to his soul. Now, he is able to let other people in with an understanding from a place of compassion for their pain.


Men have been led to believe their own lies, that they are not good enough, and that displaying love is a sign of weakness. Inside of The Power of Love podcast with your host George Pusloskie, the listener quickly sees the lies that this belief has been. Every week inside of the Warrior Empire Network, George will take his listeners on a journey of using the tools and tactics that he discovered in his own life that freed his heart from the lies he believed since he was a child that he was unlovable.

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