7: How to Write Your First Book, and Outsider Syndrome With Parker Day

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May 13, 20191h 4m
7: How to Write Your First Book, and Outsider Syndrome With Parker Day
May 13 '191h 4m
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It's the penultimate episode of the season! for our seventh instalment we're thrilled to be joined by writers Hannah Ewens and Zing Tsjeng to unpick the world of publishing and tell us how to write your first book.


Both having recently published their first books; Hannah and Zing cover how to get a literary agent, juggling workloads alongside a full time job, sexism in the publishing industry, how to stay focused, and everything you need to know before putting pen to paper.


We're also catching up with photographer and Polyester contributor Parker Day to talk all things outsider syndrome for our obsessions series. Building a career based on championing societies outsiders; Parker will be telling us where her obsession with weirdos first began, and how her portraits of these characters have fed into fostering a sense of community and empathy in an increasingly hostile world.


You can follow Zing here, and Hannah here. You can also order Zing's Forgotten Women book series here, and pre-order Hannah's first book here.


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