3: Chloe Sheppard and the Link Between Skincare and Stress

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Mar 3, 201950m
3: Chloe Sheppard and the Link Between Skincare and Stress
Mar 3 '1950m
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Its our third episode! In this instalment of The Polyester Podcast, visual artist Chloe Sheppard jumps in as guest host to talk us through everything she loves about fandom and fangirls for our 'obsessions' series. 


We’re also excited to feature Hannah Louise F talking to Disciple Skincare founder and psychotherapist Charlotte Ferguson about the link between skincare and stress. How much does millennial burnout impact our breakouts? Can skincare regimes really contribute to self care? Are expensive brands really worth the hype? The pair dissect this and much more in their chat for 'ask an expert'.  


To follow Chloe, click here @eolhcsheppard. To learn more about Disciple Skincare and Charlotte, click here and here. You can also follow Hannah, here.


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