SHOW 94 - Naomi Smith

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Mar 22, 20191h 24m
SHOW 94 - Naomi Smith
Mar 221h 24m
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Brace yourself for some juicy political detail and a burst of positivity as Naomi Smith is the Chief Operating Officer of Best for Britain and co-host of the Remainiacs Podcast is tells Matt about the various anti-Brexit campaigns and how they're distinct from each other, the way to win a second referendum and the things that inform her own politics. Prepare to enter the world of MRP (all will be explained). Oh and there's some food chat scattered throughout the show like seasoning. You can follow Naomi here: @pimlicat You can follow Best for Britain here: @BestForBritain You can follow Remainiacs here: @RemainiacsCast Catch Matt on his ever-extending 'Brexit Through The Gift Shop' here: 26 March: London - Leicester Square Theatre 31 March: Bristol 5 April: Faversham 9 May: *** EXTRA DATE ADDED*** Salford Lowry 10 May: Aberystwyth 12 May: Edinburgh Stand 13 May: Glasgow Stand 14 May: Newcastle Stand 18 May: Chorley 25 May: *** EXTRA DATE ADDED *** Camberley Theatre Tickets available at

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