Apr 3, 201526m
Interracial Dating Why I Love Black Men
Apr 3 '1526m
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On this episode of the PJ Trell Show, My Guest and I discuss interracial dating. Ms Jane is a lovely young German lady who enjoys dating Black men. We discuss why she perfer black men as opposed to her own race, her experiences dating a black men and her family and friend reactions to her dating chose and much more!! The PJ Trell Show has dedicated a portion of the show to you and your love, sex and relationship concerns. We want to focus more issues that are important to you and bring more value to the show. Ask PJ!!! Please submit your questions to any of the links below and we will answer as many questions as possible on the up coming show. PJ PJ Trell Show Links and contact information: * Website: www.pjtrellshow.com * Facebook: www.facebook/pjtrellshow/ * Fan Group: www.facebook.com/groups/pjtrellshow/ * Twitter: www.twitter.com/pjtrellshow * https://instagram.com/pjtrellshow/ * email: pjtrellshow@gmail.com

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