PMS 2.0 045 - Rex Ryan, Michael Cole, & A HUGE Life Announcement

Episode of: The Pat McAfee Show 2.0

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Feb 7, 20191h 24m
PMS 2.0 045 - Rex Ryan, Michael Cole, & A HUGE Life Announcement
Feb 71h 24m
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Today’s episode is loaded with two incredible conversations. First, one of the most charismatic guys out there, former Head Coach of the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills and current ESPN analyst, Rex Ryan, joins the show. He and Pat talk about his defensive philosophy, what he thinks of the defenses playing in the NFL right now, whether or not he’s gotten the itch yet to get back into coaching, how being in the media is different than being a coach, his career as an actor, and he elaborates on the shots he took at Cody Parkey (4:43-21:35). Next, arguably the greatest play-by-play announcer in the world, one of the most accomplished men in the industry, the voice of the WWE, Michael Cole, joins the show for an in depth conversation. He and Pat discuss the big news that Pat has coming up, Michael recounts a career that has spanned from covering political campaigns, to covering the siege in Waco, to civil wars, and ultimately to finding his way working for the WWE. He also recounts some different stories about his career in wrestling and gives a little closer look inside the industry, and how he’s found himself in the position he’s in. The guys also get involved in another edition of, “The room wants to know,” as they fire some rapid fire questions at Michael (24:02-1:21:28). Pat also gives everybody an idea of what to expect from the show next week with him on vacation, and has another great giveaway opportunity to close the show. It’s a really fun one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

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