Episode 77: Signs Of Love Making

Episode of: The Oprah Rose Show

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Mar 21, 20181h 2m
Episode 77: Signs Of Love Making
Mar 21 '181h 2m
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Want to learn about your sun/rising/moon sign? Are Aquarius men trash? Want to know what Jupiter in Scorpio means? Ever had sex on a pool table? Need to learn how to release having to be in control? If so, tune into Episode 77 with astrologer and illustrator Leigh to discuss these topics and more. Make sure to submit your hoe tales and for the month of March, the best story will win a special prize! Make sure to check us out on Spotify! Live show feat Rob Hill Sr. - www.youtube.com/watch?v=5swrjtPqWdw Questions, comments, feedback - hit us up! Email - theoprahroseshow@gmail.com Instagram - @theoprahroseshow Twitter - @theoprahroseshow www.theoprahroseshow.com

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