79: Akshay Nanavati

Episode of: The One You Feed

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Jun 2, 201529m
79: Akshay Nanavati
Jun 2 '1529m
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  This week we talk to Akshay Nanavati about learning to use our fear Akshay Nanavati is an explorer, volunteer firefighter, former U.S. Marine, and masters graduate in journalism from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. He has been mountaineering all over the world, glacier caving in Nepal, skydiving, ice diving, cave diving, scuba diving, and spent one month dragging a 190 pound sled 350 miles across the second largest icecap in the world. His current project is to run across every country in the world. His website is called Existing to Living and uses the principles of human psychology, neuroscience and a greater understanding of how we function as human beings, to help you master your mind, body, heart, spirit and business.  Our Sponsor This Week is Aloha- Try their new Plant Based Superfood Smoothie Kit.  Enter GETFIT20 for 20% off your order.    In This Interview Akshay and I Discuss... The One You Feed parable. The difference between the human brain and the animal brain. His goal of running across every country in the world. Breaking things down into smaller steps and taking them one at a time. Learning to control how we respond to our environments. His forthcoming book: The Other Side of Fear. How fear and nirvana work together. For more show notes please visit our webpage       Some of our most popular interviews that you might also enjoy: Dan Harris Maria Popova Todd Henry- author of Die Empty Randy Scott Hyde                    

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