231: Adyshanti Part 2

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May 16, 201847m
231: Adyshanti Part 2
May 16 '1847m
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Adyashanti is a renowned and gifted spiritual teacher. He's written many books, hosts meditation retreats and speaks around the world to large audiences at a time. With such a wide audience, it's amazing that when you experience Adya's teaching, it's as if he's speaking directly to you - to your very heart. Whatever your experience with or preconceived notions of spiritual awakening, allow yourself to re-engage with the idea through this interview. As you turn the inquiry towards yourself this time, you may be surprised, moved and/or transformed by what you find - if you are brutally honest in the process.


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In This Interview, Adyashanti and I Discuss...

  • Self-Inquiry
  • Starting with I am not _____
  • Starting with all inclusiveness - I am _____
  • Being open to being wrong about things
  • Experiencing an "uncaused" sense of well being
  • Self-transcendent values
  • It works best in life to ______
  • When you have less internal conflict you treat the world in a different way than if you have more internal conflict
  • Removing the religious and cultural compass removes the moral north star
  • We reorient ourselves to comfort being the north star
  • Nothing mattering AND everything mattering
  • That Adya is oriented towards truth and love
  • Activities are neutral - it's what we bring to it that gives it meaning
  • What is it about awakening that you want?
  • What is meaningful moment to moment and day by day
  • At every moment, we are giving expression to what we value
  • How nothing shuts down awakening faster than judgment
  • The spiritual persona of "I'm going to get out of this human game" or "I'm going to be here but not really be here"
  • The importance of coming to grips with the human experience of imperfection...
  • ...without turning it into an excuse for unwise behavior
  • Be aware of your human limitations and don't see them as "wrong"
  • The problematic experience of existential unworthiness
  • The economic catastrophe of a collective human awakening

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