Episode 25 - The Value of Garbage Time

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Mar 21, 201932m | se1 : e25
Episode 25 - The Value of Garbage Time
Mar 2132m | se1e25
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On this episode, we get into the game within the game. When we hear from players, we want to know what makes them tick, what they’re thinking and of course the stories. But what about how they watch the game? We are they seeing? What gets them hyped? And what bugs them?

For Agent Zero he of course has one-of-a-kind perspective on the game. When it comes to garbage time, it’s not something we should just disregard until the buzzer sounds. No, for Gil he thinks it’s a time for players to make the most of their opportunity. He sees it as a time to prove yourself, to be aggressive and to hold nothing back. As for the coaches that preach sportsmanship and players who may be padding their stats, he’s got some thoughts on that too.

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