Episode 21 - BIG3 News with Ice Cube

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Feb 15, 201951m
Episode 21 - BIG3 News with Ice Cube
Feb 1551m
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For those of you looking to see Agent Zero in action again, we’re one step closer. The one-and-only, Ice Cube, comes through to talk about his attachment to basketball. We hear from a hip hop icon, first hand, why rappers always want to be ballers and vice versa. He also shares his perspective, as a lifetime fan of the sport, on how to put on a show and the big personalities that have made the game great.

All this talk gets Gilbert thinking and things get real. Now we know he’s been in the gym, getting in shape and getting his shots up. So when Cube talks BIG3 and the vision of his league, Gil has a few things in mind for an Agent Zero/BIG3 takeover. The game may never be the same.

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