Nifty Deals - Golden Proportions Marketing And Smart Market Dental

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Feb 28, 201943m
Nifty Deals - Golden Proportions Marketing And Smart Market Dental
Feb 2843m
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🎉🎉Nifty Deal Alert🎉🎉 🤠Changing marketing partners more than square dancers? 🤔Wondering how to get an effective strategy that works for your practice? 🍪Tired of the cookie cutter, one size fits all method? 🥰Find your marketing soulmate with Golden Proportions Marketing! 🏗They will address your needs, focus and desired patients to build a custom plan for you. ✌🏼We have two amazing deals for you! 💲50% OFF Your Comprehensive Dental Marketing Plan (Non-Members Pay $1,000 - You Pay Only $500) 🤝WHAT YOU GET: ➡️An in-depth review of your marketing efforts, ➡️Analysis of your local demographics, ➡️Extensive competitor research, and ➡️A plan that addresses everything your practice needs to be successful. ➡️And MORE!!! . 📆12 Months of Smart Market Dental & Call Screening for FREE 📌WHAT YOU GET: 🔹Smart Market Dental is the first program that measures every touchpoint in the marketing process from the very first call to a completed case. 🔹You get it free for one full year, including 🔹250 minutes per month of professional call screening - a $4,548 value, ✴️valid with your annual contract of $15,000 or more. 🔥To get these deals and get fired up about your marketing, go to: 🖥 ☎️Call 570-742-5656 📲Message Xana Winans 💝Enjoy the Stupendous Savings! . ** Please note that the discounts, promotions, and links in this episode are affiliate relationships. If you purchase through them, we might earn a commission, or be compensated in some way. However, please note that these are resources, tools, etc., that we have either used in the past, continue to use personally; or come from helpful companies or individuals that we know and trust. **

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