Are you Destroying your Body? | 112

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Dec 5, 201815m | se1 : e112
Are you Destroying your Body? | 112
Dec 5 '1815m | se1e112
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Our body is what carries us through life yet we abuse it. In this episode of the Next 90, Nick talks about how we take more pride in our ride or the place we abide more than we take care of our body. Your mind & soul is directly connected to your body. We can’t be healthy without pursuing wholeness. The two questions we need to ask ourselves daily is...did we sweat and did we consume our greens? Nick has challenged his listeners to participate in a webinar that will radically change their life. One lucky person with get a free, one hour coaching call with Nick valued at $1,250! Get ready for your next 90 by going to


Welcome to The Next 90 Podcast. Join us as host and serial Entrepreneur, Nick Long, gives you the tools and resources to start living a life on fire by living it with INTENTION 90 days at a time. Each episode Nick will bring you stories from his own life as well different men and women who have taken what we call the “challenged based living lifestyle” This is a proven science for getting exactly what you want out of life! The focus will be on the core 4; Body, Being, Balance and Business. Learning the 4 pillars of your life will bring you into a better understanding of how you can start enjoying your journey to a “Have it all lifestyle.”All it takes is a decision and following the plan of living life 90 days at a time. ARE YOU READY TO JOIN THE NEXT 90 NATION? Subscribe Today

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