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Jason Chesnet
Sep 6 '17
Rating:   2
Jesus 2.0

Trump likes to grab women by their who-ha. Bible is a fake story with no facts of the real world.

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Aug 25 '17
Rating:   4
Well-read obsolete translation

Well done. Unfortunately, its King Jim, and it was hard to understand 150 years ago, to say nothing of the Internet Age. "He that letteth will let" (?)Read a translation done in the 20th century. There are so many good ones. Don't let anything get between you and the Word.

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Dr. Veritas
Nov 8 '11
Rating:   10
Excellent study help tool!

The voice of the principle reader is so appropriate. I doubt a better one could be found. I find reading the scriptures while it is read a big help. It improves my studying and enables me to visualize more effectively while reading. I am hooked to it now. I also listen to the scriptures while falling asleep. This is a wonderful tool for the serious student of the gospel. Sure helps with some very difficult to pronounce words as well. ; ) Thank you for the great effort.

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