How Did I Start Saving And Investing ? Part Three

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Oct 30, 20195m | se2 : e119
How Did I Start Saving And Investing ? Part Three
Oct 30 '195m | se2e119
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Nothing worthwhile happens overnight. Things worth having take time. This is the law. You have to have the discipline to do things everyday without giving up no matter what comes in front of you. A simple exercise is to start a project in the most basic way possible. For example a podcast, a gallery of your art and designs, a blog, volunteering somewhere nearby, reading, practicing an instrument etc. With so much available in today's world, you can start each one of them with as little cost as possible. Some things like starting a blog or creating a gallery of your art work take absolutely no money! If you go down the path of building these skills, one day you will wake up to find yourself already on your way to Financial Freedom.

Thank you all for listening to all three parts of this episode!

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