026 | Nina Lum: The biggest dream I have is to be able to meet my calling or my purpose.

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Jul 22, 201857m
026 | Nina Lum: The biggest dream I have is to be able to meet my calling or my purpose.
Jul 22 '1857m
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At a very young age, Dr Nina Lum was exposed to how life changing a career in medicine could be.  Her mother was a paediatrician in her native Cameroon, and so growing up she was familiar with the late-night knocks on their door from frantic parents with a sick child.  She’d watch as her mother tended to the child, and then marvel when a few days later that child was fully back to health. 

Inspired by her mother’s example, Nina decided to pursue medicine as a career.  But with only one medical school in the whole country, Nina soon came face to face with crushing disappointment - she was not accepted into the Cameroonian medical school. 

Undeterred, she pursued a Plan B, and then a Plan C, and was contemplating a Plan D when she was finally accepted into medical school in the Caribbean. 

Nina talks about the many challenges, but also triumphs, of her journey to being 'Dr Nina'. She also talks about the big dreams she has for the future. 



  • How seeing her mother's work ethic inspired her to follow her dreams
  • What inspired Nina to want to pursue a career in medicine
  • How she had to go through Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and was thinking of going to a Plan D to pursue her dream of medical school
  • What it was like being an immigrant going through medical school
  • How Nina keeps balance in her life
  • Why she felt it was important to participate in the writing of the book 'The Chronicles of Women in White Coats'
  • The greatest lesson she learned from her mother
  • The best advice she has ever been given
  • How Nina hopes to impact the world
  • What her "I am…" is



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