Your Questions and the Science of Sword Swallowing

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Mar 10, 200957m
Your Questions and the Science of Sword Swallowing
Mar 10 '0957m
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We get to the point of cutting edge Naked Science this week, answering your science questions and exploring the science of sword swallowing. We find out how the Amazon rainforest could become a carbon criminal, learn how to predict the extent of an avalanche, and celebrate the passing of DD45 - an object that floated past the Earth within the orbit of the Moon. Plus, we find out if you can catch foot odour, if a bath full of vodka would get you drunk, and the delights of Liver A L'Orange! Meera Senthilingam takes a 'thinking walk' with Sir David Attenborough to learn about Charles Darwin, and Dave seems to defy physics by making bubbles that sink! For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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