Monitoring Moods with Mobiles

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Dec 11, 201158m
Monitoring Moods with Mobiles
Dec 11 '1158m
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Can new technologies probe human thoughts and feelings without us even realising? This week we talk to a researcher who's using mobile phones to tap into peoples' emotions to provide new insights into human behaviour and even spot the triggers that might be encouraging someone to smoke. Plus, how data mining and computer simulations can identify the patterns of behaviour that predate disasters so they can be predicted - and prevented - in future. And with the surge in online social media of the last 5 years, is statistics capable of keeping up when it comes to doing research using these resources? Meanwhile, in the news, we hear what causes cancer to spread, how ancient stone age man used bug-repellent bedding and how a Taxi driver's brain changes as he learns "the knowledge" of London's streets... For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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