Oct 25, 201727m
Ira Glass, Act Four
Oct 25 '1727m
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You may know Ira from his touring storytelling, radio, and dance show. Or as a ringtone on the Netflix show Bojack Horseman. Or maybe you know Ira Glass from his always-chart-topping show This American Life, which has earned a shelf full of Peabodys and other awards.

A few months ago, the very same public radio icon and Baltimore's own Ira Glass got naked with Naked American Songbook host Julian Fleisher. In that episode, we learned all about Ira's passion for Fiddler on the Roof, and that he "super loves" Bruce Springsteen (who's now on Broadway).

If you, like we, were left wanting more after Ira Glass in 3 Acts, you're in luck. 

If you thought Ira kvelled over Taylor Swift in our first installment, in this Act 4 he goes way deeper into T-Swift territory. Listen as Ira tries to convince Julian that Swift belongs in the same company as Bruce (and Bono and Joni). There's even a cameo T-Swift performance by Kenny Mellman of Kiki & Herb fame.

Ira tells also us what he's listening to on the treadmill, why he sending you those X's and O's, what song is the cockroach of the American Songbook, and how he doesn't consider himself a "music person" ...but (just like us!) Ira Glass is totally a product of the songs he loves.

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