TMHS 107: Women, Food, And Desire - With Alex Jamieson

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Jun 17, 201553m
TMHS 107: Women, Food, And Desire - With Alex Jamieson
Jun 17 '1553m
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Do you allow yourself to want what you really want?

Most of us are stuck between our deepest desires and what society believes are the right things for us.

We all have desires. We all have a calling from our mind, body, and soul that's always nudging us in the right direction if we choose to listen to them.

The challenge today is that many of us have become hard of hearing when it comes to the communication from within.

It's true. If you are able to really listen to your body it will tell you exactly what he or she needs (thank today's guest we're no longer going to refer to your body as an "it").

You already have everything you need to get you where you want to go. It's just about deciphering the messages in your cravings so that you can be free to live a life that's truly worthy of you. That's what today's episode is all about.

Today we are fortunate to have on bestselling author Alex Jamieson so help us crack the code on cravings, and help us to understand our innermost desires. Alex has literally written the book on understanding our cravings. I was blown away when I read it, and had many ah-ha moments myself. She's about to share some game-changing tips and insights with you, so click play, enjoy, and make sure to take her Cravings Quiz after the show right here.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • How your body's needs and desires can change based on your life conditions.
  • What low libido can be an early warning sign for.
  • What your #1 driving force really is (this is powerful!)
  • Why food creates so much of an emotional response for us.
  • How getting fat is strangely forbidden in our culture.
  • What the 4 root causes of any craving are.
  • The stunning myth about emotional eating.
  • Why some of the qualities we want in our lives we look for in food instead.
  • How we can have food and happiness "amnesia".
  • How our senses can help us to connect with a memory and change our state of being.
  • Why dieting and dating can be connected.
  • Some surprising benefits of masturbation (you heard that right!)
  • Why the relationship with your body is the foundation for a truly great life.

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Super Size Me
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Cravings Quiz <== Get Access to Alex's free cravings quiz right here!

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