TMHS 102: Creating Unstoppable Success And The Miracle Morning - With Hal Elrod

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May 12, 201553m
TMHS 102: Creating Unstoppable Success And The Miracle Morning - With Hal Elrod
May 12 '1553m
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There are four words in the human language that are destroying people's lives everyday.

To realize what these four words are, we have to first realize that we are not a victim of our circumstances, but rather a victim of our own beliefs that are playing havoc in our minds.

One of the biggest issues with achieving what we want is a misdirected self-confidence.

There is a big difference between a healthy self-assuredness and being closed-minded to something that could change your life. Those four extremely dangerous words in the human language are:

"I already know that."

The insight about these four dangerous words was one of the most powerful things that bestselling author and renown Success Coach Hal Elrod said to me during our conversation.

He's speaking of a universal truth that all of us can ignore from time-to-time.

When we feel like we've already mastered something, or that we've "got it handled", or that it's old news and not what we need, we immediately shut ourselves off from the possibility of new growth and success.

The reality is, we may think we already know something, but if we're not applying it in our lives then it's really just a theory. It's not something we truly know.

Knowledge is not power. The application of knowledge is power. So today you're going to learn how to apply the things you want on a consistent basis to lead you to the life you truly deserve.

Hal is an amazing teacher with an amazing story, and knows firsthand the value of having a daily strategy for success and consistent execution. This can be a real game-changer to say the least. So, grab a notebook, listen in, and find out how creating miracle days begins with creating Miracles Mornings.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • How challenges and setbacks can lead to better results in your life.
  • Why getting your shoes from Payless can eventually make you rich.
  • How Hal survived a devastating car accident where he was pronounced dead for 6 minutes.
  • How Hal's attitude in the hospital enabled him to walk again when the doctors said it was not going to happen.
  • What the "5-Minute Rule" is and why it's so effective for getting through challenges.
  • How acceptance of what is can unlock the door to success and happiness.
  • Why you must line up your LC (Life Conditions) and BP (BluePrint) for true life fulfillment.
  • What exercise has to do with success in business and other areas of life.
  • What The Miracle Morning is and how to create your own each day.
  • What the 6 Life SAVERS are.
  • Why some of the most surprising financial success icons attribute their results to meditation.
  • The #1 mistake people make with visualization.
  • A clinically proven way to increase your focus.
  • What blocks most people from real success in their lives.

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