TMHS 015: Dangers & Benefits Of Coffee, 24-hour Gyms, Exercises For Back Pain, And The Master Cleanse Mistake

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Aug 28, 201344m
TMHS 015: Dangers & Benefits Of Coffee, 24-hour Gyms, Exercises For Back Pain, And The Master Cleanse Mistake
Aug 28 '1344m
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In this episode of The Model Health Show we're addressing some of the frequently asked health & fitness questions I receive. One of the most valuable and fun things we're discussing today is a controversial beverage that many health experts love to hate. It carries many names like Liquid Lightening, Cup of Joe, Jet Fuel, Go Juice and many more. But you may simply know it as coffee.

Is coffee good for you? Does it have any real benefits beside making you feel like you have superpowers? Well, the reality is there are some significant pros and cons that need to be considered when drinking coffee. In this episode we're sharing exactly how to make your coffee experience radically more beneficial (without you spontaneously combusting).

We're also talking tips on using 24-hour gyms, specific exercises to eliminate back pain, and the incredibly popular "Master Cleanse". This show is packed full of valuable information to help upgrade your life and body, so let's get ready to dive right in!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why looking at the the pros AND cons of any food or supplement is important.
  • What psychotropics are and why they're actually in certain foods.
  • What the psychoactive effects of coffee are.
  • How coffee addiction and withdrawal can take place.
  • How caffeine can disrupt your sleep.
  • The real impact that coffee has on your lifespan (good news for coffee drinkers!)
  • The clinically proven effects coffee has on type 2 diabetes.
  • Why most coffee drinkers don't actually like coffee.
  • The benefits caffeine has on exercise and fat loss.
  • What amazing things you can add to your coffee to "upgrade" the benefits.
  • Why 24-hour gyms can wreck your health.
  • How to truly get the maximum benefit from your workout (hint: it starts with "s" and ends with "leep").
  • Some simple strategies to get your workout time in.
  • How words create physiological experiences in your body.
  • What specific exercises can help eliminate back pain.
  • Why getting an assessment from a functional health practitioner is important for back pain.
  • How having an alternative to the Master Cleanse can be truly valuable in or world today.
  • Why you need to cleanse/detox based on your metabolic type.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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