The Unintentional Effect

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Jan 28, 201946m
The Unintentional Effect
Jan 28 '1946m
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Formerly the Duck Eclipse Radio Show after being kicked off the radio twice because of their raunchy topics When Rawstarr ( known as DJ Duck) and CW (Known as DJ Eclipse) brought their brand of Comedy to Indiana. Prince Rawstarr (DJ Duck) originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Rawstarr has worked in casting reality television and casting models since 2005. He has worked with Viacom, Newscorp, Playboy, Independent Movie companies. Rawstarr has created Web Sites & graphics for Politicians, Universities, Musicians, Actors & Actresses, and other companies. Since 2005 Rawstarr has shot Photography for which he has shot and edited photos and red carpets for Knockout Networks and other mediums which relate to casting and promotions. Lastly, since 1997 he has edited video from VHS to VHS editing to now digital editing. with his numerous Youtube Partnerships, to his commercial that was broadcasted on vh1 via the non-smoking campaign. Rawstarr has B.A. in History and in Television Production; Minors in Folklore/Ethnomusicology, Akan Twi, and Business. A certificate in African studies, two Master degrees and is a Doctoral candidate. CW Chandler (DJ Eclipse) originally from Gary, Indiana now in Burbank, CA, is an Actor, Comedian, Photographer and trainer. CW has been a trainer for numerous years he has transformed people through his mastered training methods. He operates out of his personal Gym at CCFitness in North Hollywood, CA. Chris also is an actor and comedian through his style of performance he is requested, comedian and performer. Lastly, he was forced into photography by Rawstarr and he is really good at capturing the magic that the model has. Chris has a degree in Psychology, Sociology, and is a certified personal trainer. Burbank Misfits Social Media http://www.instagram/theburbankmisfits Rawstarr Social Media http://www.instagram/Rawstarr CW Social Media http://www.instagram/ccfitnessla

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