#2: The Mindful Kind // Stress and Mindfulness

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Nov 26, 201510m
#2: The Mindful Kind // Stress and Mindfulness
Nov 26 '1510m
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Welcome to the second episode of The Mindful Kind podcast! In this episode, I've dug deep to share my journey of stress and mindfulness with you. 

When I was younger, stress played a huge role in my life and I found it really difficult to deal with. My relationships suffered, I felt alone and judged and even resulted in nasty tension headaches and high blood pressure. 

When I learned mindfulness and started to practise it, I realised how far out of the moment I was, all the time. I was shocked to realise that I had never actually paid attention to my normal breath and how it felt! 

Mindfulness has been a really amazing tool for managing stress and I hope my story can show you just one of the reasons why mindfulness has been such an important part of my life. 

Towards the end of the episode, I share a beautifully simple mindfulness practice by tuning into our sense of smell. 

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