117: Want To Live Longer? The Founders Of Onegevity Will Tell You How

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Apr 30, 201959m
117: Want To Live Longer? The Founders Of Onegevity Will Tell You How
Apr 3059m
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We all want to optimize our time on this planet and live the healthiest, longest lives possible. Joel Dudley, Ph.D., and Chris Mason, Ph.D., the founders of Onegevity, an AI-driven healthcare service, are committed to empowering people to better understand and take charge of their health through data-driven and customized solutions.

Dudley and Mason joined me on the mbgpodcast to talk about what they believe doctors should be testing for, what we should be doing daily for our microbiome, and why prevention is critical for the future of healthcare.

A big topic here at mbg is longevity, and with advancements in genetic, microbiome, and blood testing we know more than ever before. In this episode, we delve deeper into all that, but here, they offer four things we can all be doing right now, today.

Whether it’s longevity, cardiovascular, gut, or immune health, it’s important to remember that every part of our health story is connected. Mason and Dudley explain that it takes the whole picture to understand what’s going on inside, and they have us excited about what the future of health looks like.

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