101: Finding What Feels Good For Your Body With Hannah Bronfman

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Feb 19, 201942m
101: Finding What Feels Good For Your Body With Hannah Bronfman
Feb 1942m
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Hannah Bronfman is the founder of HBFIT, a DJ, and the author of the new book Do What Feels Good. Growing up with a mother who was a reiki healer and lover of crystals, Hannah was introduced to wellness at a young age. We talk about the career changes, illnesses, and lessons that shaped her wellness journey and led to her philosophy “do what feels good”.

She joined me on the mbgpodcast to talk about what we can do to bring more diversity into wellness and the simple yet impactful actions we can take today. She also shares her struggle with leaky gut and why she believes colon hydrotherapy is critical to gut health. 

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • The gut-healing reason she doesn’t drink water during meals
  • Her three tips for staying well while traveling
  • Hannah’s go-to breathing exercise to use in intense moments“Wellness to me is not about eating organic food and going to boutique workout classes, wellness to me is really about those in-between moments—how you’re talking to yourself.” Hannah’s words will inspire you to push the boundaries of what society expects from you and define “healthy” for yourself.

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