Winston Peters: Peters blames 'alt-right' for UN migration pact criticism

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Dec 19, 20188m
Winston Peters: Peters blames 'alt-right' for UN migration pact criticism
Dec 19 '188m
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Winston Peters says the UN Migration Compact has been misrepresented by people spouting nonsense who want to lie to the public. The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister says uninformed people and the "alt-right" are intentionally misleading about the true nature of the agreement. He says the legal advice is very clear that it's not legally binding, and won't override our immigration laws and he is entirely comfortable with adopting it. Peters told Mike Yardley it's an agreement in principle about how we reduce harmful, illegal migration and how to stop trafficking. "We have decided as a matter of principal it wouldn't be a bad idea to sign up to the agreement. Just because there have been people dog whistling false information on this, that doesn't mean we will sway." Winston Peters says he is comfortable with the compact, despite the outcry from many people, especially NZ First members, who believe the agreement will sign away the country's sovereignty. He says the compact doesn't blur the lines between legal and illegal migration, and they are not legally bound to the document. "We are trying to stop the awful human trafficking of people, and the corruption of people. These are dreadful things which are happening around the world. You have a campaign strategy by the alt-right to try and spread misinformation on this, it is just not true." LISTEN ABOVE AS WINSTON PETERS SPEAKS TO MIKE YARDLEY

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