Weekend Collective's Tim Wilson says shattered knee looked like 'plasticine' after scooter accident

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Feb 7, 201911m
Weekend Collective's Tim Wilson says shattered knee looked like 'plasticine' after scooter accident
Feb 711m
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Tim Wilson says he is recovering well after having surgery for his knee, which he shattered into eight pieces in a scooter accident. The Weekend Collective host took to social media yesterday, to say he'd "kneecapped" himself and was taking Tramadol for pain relief, after breaking his patella, or knee cap, in the incident. He underwent surgery yesterday and spoke with Mike Hosking from his hospital bed, saying his knee looked like plasticine after the accident. "It wasn't actually painful, I think I was in shock. But what I did was, I had torn my chinos, so I ripped them open...and I looked and it was like my knee was made of plasticine and someone had pushed a pack of Holiday Menthol 25s [cigarettes] into it." He said his knee was broken in eight pieces, which have now been pulled together using wire. "They drill a hole in the pieces, they draw a wire through them, they pull it together, they unzip your knee from the top of the thigh to the top of the shin, and I'm on the couch for the next two weeks." Wilson said upon seeing his knee after the accident, he "said a few words he wasn't proud of" and called his wife. "She came down, it was on Waitangi Day so the boys were still in their gruts, she came down with the car. " Wilson then revealed that he was scooting to work when he hurt himself. When asked whether he went straight to hospital, he replied, "time and a half and day in lieu, what would you do?". After the accident the radio host posted a photo of his x-ray scan, with the caption: “The end of my career as scooter trash". View this post on Instagram The end of my career as scooter trash. #patella #crash #shame #tramadol #kneecappedmyself #surgery A post shared by Tim Wilson (@scallywaggwilson) on Feb 5, 2019 at 3:07pm PST A few Kiwi celebs have wished him a speedy recovery. “Poor Tim! Hope it heals fast so you can continue doing extra fun and quirky stories! Bless you,” said Anika Moa. “Omg poor Tim!!!!” said Hilary Barry. And Breakfast host Jack Tame replied to say: “Sheesh!! T-Bone did his knee bone?! Get well bro." A TVNZ representative confirmed to Spy that Wilson had fractured his knee. He will be off both TVNZ and Newstalk ZB for an undetermined amount of time.  

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