Shanan Halbert: Defence Force quit Pride Parade over police ban

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Nov 19, 20183m
Shanan Halbert: Defence Force quit Pride Parade over police ban
Nov 19 '183m
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The Defence Force has announced they will not march in Auckland's Pride Parade after the Police were banned from marching in uniform. Defence's LGBT support group leader Stu Pearce said it was not a decision taken lightly and hits particularity hard, because next year marks the 25th anniversary of queer members being able to serve openly in the force.  READ MORE: Calls for Auckland Pride Board to resign over police officer ban St John is also considering whether it wants to, after taking part in the Parade previously. Gay former Labour candidate Shanan Halbert, told Mike Hosking Pride is an event he's really proud of which is why this is so disappointing.  "It's something that really acknowledges the past grievances but also where we are at today in celebrating our rainbow culture and hopefully the future, and unfortunately this takes us a step backwards." He said no one's denying the rainbow community's had issues with police in the pas, but they've made good progress - and that's why a lot of the community's so disappointed. "The reality is that we can't exclude people from an event that celebrates inclusion and diversity." LISTEN ABOVE AS SHANAN HALBERT SPEAKS WITH MIKE HOSKING  

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