Pike River re-entry will happen - engineer

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May 2, 20191m
Pike River re-entry will happen - engineer
May 21m
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Optimism over the Pike River re-entry, despite today's setback. Plans for today's manned entry into the drift have been postponed after unusual levels of oxygen were detected. Geo-Technical Engineer Chris Lee told Mike Hosking the timeframe for re-entry is unknown - but he's confident it will be going ahead. "Manned re-entry will occur. Once they have all the information to make some informed decisions, they will take it from there." A ceremony with the families of the 29 victims will still go ahead at the site this morning. The re-entry into the mine's drift was scheduled for Friday, with Little, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, Green Party co-leader James Shaw and National Party pike river spokesman Mark Mitchell were set to attend.

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