Midterms Panel: Democrats 'likely' to flip House of Representatives

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Nov 6, 20185m
Midterms Panel: Democrats 'likely' to flip House of Representatives
Nov 6 '185m
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America's midterm elections are just hours away and the big question is, can the Democrats flip the House of Representatives and in doing so wrestle control of the congress off the Republicans who currently control the House, the Senate and the Presidency. Democratic strategist, Penny Lee, and Republican strategist, John Hancock, speak with Mike Hosking about whether Republicans can maintain the majority. Penny Lee said the chances of the democrats flipping the House are high. "We are starting to see some interesting numbers in the more vulnerable districts." However, she says after the surprise of the Donald Trump presidency, it's best not to judge the outcome by the polling. John Hancock agrees saying it would take an "inside straight" for the Republicans to hold the House. "Given where the districts are and the number of retirements. I think there is something like 45 retirements on the Republican side and that is often an early indicator of how the election is going to go." "I except the democrats to take 30-35 seats and it takes 23 to flip." The Senate, however, is a different story with both Lee and Hancock saying it will be a lot harder for the Democrats to take over.  Lee said she thinks the Brett Kavanaugh appointment has energised voters from both sides. LISTEN ABOVE AS PENNY LEE AND JOHN HANCOCK SPEAKS WITH MIKE HOSKING  

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