Mega-strike won't solve teaching issues - Ministry of Education

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May 12, 20192m
Mega-strike won't solve teaching issues - Ministry of Education
May 12 '192m
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The Ministry of Education says issues in the teaching industry won't be settled with a strike. Primary and secondary school teachers have announced a mega strike after rejecting the government's latest $1.2 billion offer. It will mean almost 50,000 members will walk off the job on May 29. Ministry of Education secretary, Iona Holsted, told Mike Hosking teachers need to start looking beyond money. "I do think we have to keep the dialogue going, this won't be settled as the result of a strike." "The Minister was in the media yesterday ebing very clear about the money, we know what the money is, can we negotiate or agree on some other things that are outside of the money," she said. Holsted said focusing on issues like workload is the way to move forward. "I think there is a lot we can do without money. We all know that our teachers work hard, we all know that they do a pretty good job and if they are doing things that are keeping them busy that isn't teaching, let's understand what that is and let's stop it." She said the Ministry is hoping to meet with the union before the strikes. Context box When: Wednesday, May 29, 2019. What: Primary and secondary school teachers to take part in the first all-schools combined strike. Who: State and integrated schools nationwide. Almost 800,000 students to be impacted. Why: Teachers are seeking better pay and conditions than a $1.2 billion offer over four years from the Government.

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