Mayor Michael Feyen explains why he called Levin 's**tville'

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Mar 6, 20192m
Mayor Michael Feyen explains why he called Levin 's**tville'
Mar 62m
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The Horowhenua mayor is in hot water after calling Levin "s**tville" because of the shoddy roads and highways. However, Mayor Michael Feyen told Mike Hosking that's what the road works made the region look like. "Levin is associated with an absolute logjam and we are all absolutely tired of not having bypasses through our town so we can clear the congestion. It's just a hopeless situation." The road runs right through the town where the speed limit drops to 50 kilometres. It is used by many motorists, which causes severe congestion. Feyen said they are trying to get a bypass but dealing with NZTA is a "long and traumatic experience". He said the way New Zealand roads are managed is "absolutely apalling".

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