Mark the Week: Simon Bridges unscathed by expenses leak

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Aug 16, 20182m
Mark the Week: Simon Bridges unscathed by expenses leak
Aug 16 '182m
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Every Friday morning, Mike Hosking takes you through the big ticket items of the week and lets you know what he makes of it all. Here's a taste of what he reckons. Simon Bridges. 7/10. "Comes out of the week unscathed, despite the best attempts of some loser in Parliament and TV3 " And good on Mallard for calling it and presumably flushing the low-life out with his inquiry. But to the "scandal" itself, nothing was being hidden, it was public information coming out anyway. And most of us concluded it was just a bloke trying to do his job" . Māori Roll. 4/10. "More Māori went for the general roll than the Maori roll. Tells you David Seymour might have a point." Foreign Buyer Ban. 2/10. "Ideologically driven futility. Not a single first home buyer is getting into a house because a Chinese millionaire is now banned."   Spark and the EPL rights.   8/10. First the rugby, now the football. Telcos have deep pockets and Spark are clearly serious. This is all good for the punter given choice and competition rarely fail to deliver a better product.   Plastic Bag 'Ban'. 3/10. "Futility on a stick. Do they really, really believe that banning a few shopping bags addresses the real issues? Dream on.   And, so far, the bags aren't banned, but the plastic bag maker is going bust. Awesome economic policy.   The All Blacks. 7/10. "Back for the season, I know they had the French but that wasn’t really that exciting was it? I hope Australia are at least competitive, but Sir Graham Henry is right, this is the best all black side we've ever seen." LISTEN ABOVE FOR MIKE HOSKING'S FULL WEEK IN REVIEW    

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