The Matter of the Heart 12-12-18

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Dec 13, 201842m
The Matter of the Heart 12-12-18
Dec 13 '1842m
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In The Matter of the Heart with Carol Olivia Adams, the host takes a bold step forward in radio that speaks to health, inner peace and well-being. Carol Olivia brings in the radio show an awareness featuring inspirational guests, like Dr. Bernie Siegel, best known for his worldwide best-selling books, Love, Medicine & Miracles, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, Love, Animals & Miracles and more, Dr. Loretta Macri chiropractor, researcher in breast and uterine cancer, educator, pediatric chiropractor and proprietor of Macri Wellness Center offering healing services for the total human being, Michael Anthony intuitive coach guiding you to achieve your life”s purpose, Wanda Buckner people healer and animal communicator. In the Matter of the Heart, with Carol Olivia Adams each Wednesday night @ 9P on KFNX 1100 AM.

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