Oct 26, 200714m
The Many Roads to Japan - Chapter 7
Oct 26 '0714m
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"The Many Roads to Japan" tells the story of the adventures of a conscientious objector who had to follow many twists and turns in his life journey before finding his niche in Japan. Suitable for low intermediate level and above ESL and EFL students. An excellent resource for peace education studies, too. "The Many Roads to Japan influenced my students a lot, not only in studying English but also in searching for their own identities and thinking about how to live their lives." -- Kazuyo Yamane, Peace Studies lecturer at Kochi University

(10.1 mb; 14:50 minutes) To order a trade paperback or PDF download copy of "The Many Roads to Japan," go to my bookstore. You can also order from Amazon.com and other online bookstores.

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