Moustafa Hamwi - Purpose, Passion, and Belief [E121]

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Jan 6, 20201h 49m
Moustafa Hamwi - Purpose, Passion, and Belief [E121]
Jan 61h 49m
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Moustafa Hamwi, author of the best selling book LIVE PASSIONATELY, comes on the show and we talk about:

  • Truth & Morality
  • The bi-polar world
  • fulfillment vs. happiness
  • Why chasing happiness is making you miserable.
  • What is passion?
  • Stepping into FLOW
  • Absolute morality?
  • Master of Destiny, not Victim of History
  • Wrong Passion can Hurt the World
  • Consistency & Endurance

You can find Moustafa's book "LIVE PASSIONATELY" HERE

And you can find the free bonus material that he gifted to you here: Remember, the password is 7777777 (that is seven sevens).

Also be sure to follow Moustafa on Instagram:


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Be a change maker, weave your destiny, own the future.

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