Khabib vs. Conor, Southern USA Culture of Honor, and Terrorism - Lucas Skrobot [E013]

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Oct 21, 201831m
Khabib vs. Conor, Southern USA Culture of Honor, and Terrorism - Lucas Skrobot [E013]
Oct 21 '1831m
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UFC fight 229 Khabib Vs Conor. Conor taps out in the forth round. Khabib . . . after getting pulled off Connor hears an insult from Connor’s Team mate. Khabib Leaps over the fence and assaulting Conor’s teammate--a brawl between the two teams break out. And half the world says, “Conor and co. deserved it.”

Today we explore the cultural frame work and worldview explaining why Khabib assaulted Conor , and why some in the world (who on every other day of the week talk about love and peace) are defending & justifying the assault.

But this episode isn't just about fighting... it is about beliefs, worldview, and cultural underpinning that shape the way the we live. 

There is a sea of people out there who promote peace, love, and tolerance--yet cheer on actions that promote fear and intimidation (like Khabib). 

If you or I cheer Khabib for standing up for himself, through violence when, mocked--then we are cheering the ideology of an insult-aggression cycle that fuels violence in the Southern United States, and terrorism alike.

Listen to find out if your view this situation carries the seeds of love and peace, or seeds of hate and violence. 


Below are the links and sources for this episode.

Khabib's interview

Joe Rogan's Interview

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Homicides in USA

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Charlie Hebdo has had more legal run-ins with Christians than with Muslims (WARNING CRUDE AND GRAPHIC)


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