If you want to grow, change your environment | Weaver & Loom [E070]

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Sep 2, 201910m
If you want to grow, change your environment | Weaver & Loom [E070]
Sep 2 '1910m
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You are the sum average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. And if you want to grow, you might need to ditch some friends.

It is undisputed that the environment which surrounds you determines how you will or won't be able to grow. 

Often, people spend decades working on themselves, going form self help book to self help book wondering why they can't seem to get any progress--but they neglect to change the environment around them.

It is like continuing to planting seeds in dry bed of rocks wondering why nothing ever grows . . . you must change the soil, the environment, to make it suitable for the growth.

If you want exponential growth tomorrow, then change your environment today. 


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Be a change maker, weave your destiny, own the future.

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