LSDcast - episode 50: Acrobatics + Loneliness

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Feb 14, 201729m | se1 : e50
LSDcast - episode 50: Acrobatics + Loneliness
Feb 14 '1729m | se1e50
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Can you be lonely in a relationship? And if you are, what does it mean? To unravel the threads, sibling hosts Prem & Rogue have a guest expert join us: Sonali Gupta, psychologist extraordinaire. And on to some high-jinx, we're taking a question from someone whose partner wants to go into 8 different positions in bed? Best night ever? Or pain in the you know where? Discuss! Your favorite intimacy coaches also talk about aerobics in bed, Jane Fonda, ideal duration for love making and much more (of course). It's a *lovely* show people. Very *exciting* ;) you don't want to miss it.

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