LSDcast - episode 41: Friendzoned? + Frigid

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Nov 20, 201623m | se1 : e41
LSDcast - episode 41: Friendzoned? + Frigid
Nov 20 '1623m | se1e41
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F questions this time, folks, F questions - about friendzoning and frigidity. F'ing awesome, say siblings Prem & Rogue, bring it on! Our dating question from a confused girl who was set up with someone who talked about his exes and crushes on their first date. Classic friendzoning. Now he's putting the moves on her. What is this about? The sex question is from someone asking what to do about his partner's frigidity. Yes, in 2016. Prem and Rogue give you a crash course on terminology, libido, sexuality, asexuality, hypsexuality. Join us and get with the program. Bonus: Sapiosexuality. Yeah. Tell us what you think! We're on twitter, facebook and email @lsdcast

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