TLS #279: Q+A: Answering Questions on Alignment, Emotions, Vibration & More

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May 31, 201843m
TLS #279: Q+A: Answering Questions on Alignment, Emotions, Vibration & More
May 31 '1843m
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Today’s TLS is one of my favorite kinds… it’s a Q+A episode where I answer listener questions off the cuff based off of DM’s I received on Instagram. In today’s batch of questions we are tackling... pain + alignment, alignment when you’re feeling ‘off,’ what vibration has to do with emotions, how my first class (Life With Intention Online) compares to LoA,  my next travel plans, and more. This episode is for anyone who enjoys hearing off the cuff question and answer sessions covering all types of alignment, LoA and personal questions.       [Tweet "“Listen to your intuition, not your ego." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Alignment before action." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What’s the balance on honoring your feelings and releasing them versus trying to force yourself into alignment? What’s your thoughts on feeling so aligned versus being grounded? Did you ever circle back to Life With Intention teachings to see how it applied  Law of Attraction principles? How do we hone-in on our blocks to get what we want? What if doing what feels good directly interferes with my long-term well being? How do we know if we are vibrating and do positive emotions make us vibe higher/faster than negative emotions? Are you still eating gluten and dairy-free? Can the intuition sometimes guide us to procrastination? Is procrastinating the result of a lack of alignment and not feeling ready to take inspired action? Best ways to deal with energy flucuations? How do you increase your sense of intuition and distinguish my intuition voice from my normal thought voice? What other podcast or books do you recommend for newbies? What episodes of your show do you recommend for insight on writing to or tapping into your intuition? Best tips for staying high vibe when you don’t physically feel well? Do you find your alignment and intuition is impacted by your moon cycle? How do you stay in alignment when reading terrible, sad things? What do you think about the books your reading? If you were to travel for fun, what trip would you take? DO you think you would live in tiny houses and have a garden of crystals? Who are the YouTubers you like to watch? What surprises you the most about the person your are now? If you had a flow bucket wish list, what would it be? Anything you’re eating or drinking that you are digging? Anything new as of flow? Can you explain what it means when you get really close to a manifestation but it doesn’t work out? How do you balance between what is in your control and what you leave to believe?   SHOW NOTES   Rock & Co. Marisa Peer Abraham Hicks TLS with Marisa Peer TLS with RTT Therapy Alignment Q+A Episode Writing To Your Intuition TLS with Hibiscus Moon (Crystal Episode) Abraham Hicks on YouTube Law of Attraction on For a Free Audible Book, Go to Madame Dry The Power of Now The Anna Edit Mimi Ikonn Alex Ikonn Matthew Hussey The Limbo Song by Matthew Hussey   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

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