TLS #227: High vibe living: “Just in time knowledge,” sacred geometry, living water & attracting high vibe friends with Faiz Nazarali

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Jul 6, 20171h 0m
TLS #227: High vibe living: “Just in time knowledge,” sacred geometry, living water & attracting high vibe friends with Faiz Nazarali
Jul 6 '171h 0m
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After getting many messages and emails from people sharing that they would like to find more ‘high vibe’ friends to connect with in real life… I’m trying something new here on TLS. I have several friends into the consciousness, science, health, and other various topics we discuss here on the show. And in honor of those people who are looking for more of these kinds of friends in their own lives, I’m recording a few fun friendly conversations around these topics for you - so you can “join us” from wherever you happen to be listening in the world. Today I’m talking with friend and entrepreneur, Faiz Nazarali. I’ve become good friends with Faiz over the past year as I spent a lot of time in Sydney and Spain with him. Today we are touching on a variety of ‘high vibe’ topics we love to discuss when we hang out in real life. This episode is perfect for anyone interested in hearing about sacred geometry, living water & “just in time knowledge.”   [Tweet "“It’s all about raising the vibration." - @faiznazarali"] [Tweet "“Look at all your friendships, and pick out the best ones." - @faiznazarali"] [Tweet "“Appreciation is a much stronger emotion than gratitude." - @faiznazarali"] [Tweet "“You’re creating your own realities. " - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Giving is the source of all abundance." - @faiznazarali"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Faiz tells us how started out by always looking for a faster or better way to do something and how now it’s about looking for alternative or non-traditional ways to work and live. He talks about how he started his own business and began traveling the world just by the way he structured his life. Faiz mentions that he went through several jobs and even used outsourced help to be the most efficient in his tasks. He discuss the projects that he and his wife are working on that teaches and empowers women 3rd-world areas to engage in working online. Faiz discusses his thoughts about water and life.  He talks about music, musical patterns and energy of music and how music can make and change the mood in people. Faiz discuss how people can alter and change your mood and feelings so he only brings people into his life with can raise his vibration. He talks about how he deals with relationships and negative people. Faiz discuss mindfulness and how it relates to his life and health. He describes the concept of sacred geometry and how patterns and shapes have a frequency which are the energetic blueprints at the atomic level. Faiz talks about how powerful the association of the people and places have in your life in making  you the best version of yourself.   SHOW NOTES   Upwork It Girl Academy It Girl Foundation Fiverr Abraham Hicks The Secret The Secret of Water A-Fest Gotan Project  Cafe del Mar Thievery Corporation Ibiza Sunset on Spotify The Goldfish Happy, Thank You, More Please Stealing Fire    LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

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