TLS #195: Letter to my Intuition: How can we approach news & world events?

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Feb 7, 201716m
TLS #195: Letter to my Intuition: How can we approach news & world events?
Feb 7 '1716m
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Today’s episode is inspired… by you! It is the most asked about question I’ve been getting recently… And to be honest, it kind of (read: really and truly) freaked me (read: my ego) out to address this subject:   What do I think about current events and following the news? Well, instead of letting my (freaked out) little ego address this very timely topic, I took the question to the big one: the intuition. In this episode, I’m sharing the honest back and forth I had between my ego and intuition on this subject - in a way that hopefully resonates or uplifts others, as well. This episode is perfect for anyone who is stressed out by the news (or who is not sure whether to watch or not), or who is looking to hear an intuitive response to the subject of news and world events.   [Tweet "“Until you have love, you have nothing to offer." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Only love can come from truth." - @JessCLively"]     LETTER TO MY INTUITION   Why am I so scared to talk about the news on the show? Because you don’t know what is true. That is so true! I know what I am doing and I cannot speak for universal truth. But I believe you can. Yes, indeed. All is well. How can all be well when so many people seem to be hurting? They are not hurting, they are scared. What are they scared of? How to be loved. What? What does the news + events have to do with the fear of being loved? Being loved comes from within, these people you are speaking of have the belief that love comes from without. How can we see all of this differently? See it as a call for help. Help with what? How to be loved from within. I’m not sure I’m following, let’s look at people that are upset by Donald Trump, how does this apply to them? It doesn’t just apply to them, it applies to everyone. Okay, but I still don’t see how this is helpful for people feeling stressed by the news. What should we do? See all things in love and allow what will be to be. This is so hard for people to accept, and so many sources are saying to speak up, be active, protest… That is not a way to bring peace. War creates war. Well the peaceful way you shared — what does that look like? It looks like loving others as you love yourself. Even people that are hurting other people? Especially people that are hurting other people. What does that kind of love even look like? Transcending the self and showing loving kindness. Does that mean just allow them to do want they want to do? Even if they want to hurt others? It means allowing them to be who they are without trying to change them. I can understand this from a personal level, like in a relationship, however there are people in governmental power who can do a lot of damage and even kill people, right? They can only do what they think is best. Nothing more. Sheesh! This doesn’t seem to be getting any clearer for me - what should a woman in America do when it comes to the news? A regular person with a regular life? See all things in love. Nothing more. Should she take action? Get involved? If it brings her joy, yes. The world thrives on joy. Should she watch the news? If she wants to, yes. Is it bad if she doesn’t watch the news? There is nothing good or bad about watching the news. Only thinking makes it so. Okay, so this pressure - I feel it, too - is just society’s collective belief that we need to watch TV or read media and it is not true. Only love is true. All else is a cry for healing or help. Okay! There, you just said it - all non-love is a cry for healing or help. How do we heal or help? You heal and help yourself first. Until you have done that, you have nothing to offer. Really? I thought we were supposed to do things even when we weren’t perfect yet. Perfect has nothing to do with it. It is about love. Until you have love, you have nothing to offer. Oh!

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