07 | Body image

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May 7, 201934m
07 | Body image
May 7 '1934m
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Body image is something I think we can all agree is fucking hard. In this episode I touch on the difference between being happy with your body and wholeheartedly loving your body, how we can treat our body with love instead of punishing it and accepting the fact that we are never going to be 100% perfect and that’s what makes us human. 
I also touch on: 
– Mirror work, seeing your self as a whole human and not just how you look, – the fact that no one actually gives a fuck about how we look like apart from ourselves,
 – how body negativity is usually because of how we feel instead of how we look – and how to turn that part you don’t like about yourself into something you love. If you are needing some hit home truths I urge you to stay in there until the last 10 minutes where the raw and real golden nuggets come out. Find my links below: Website: thelifeofcon.com Instagram: @thelifeofcon_ www.instagram.com/thelifeofcon_/?hl=en

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