Fear And Loathing In Manch Vegas

Episode of: The Last Podcast by Zac Little

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Feb 8, 201639m
Fear And Loathing In Manch Vegas
Feb 8 '1639m
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Today is Primary Day in New Hampshire, so it's time we talk about politics. First, Zac and Chelsea spend a little time talking about why politics and creativity make such an awkward creative fit for overly self-aware 28-year-olds. Later, Zac and Dan journey to ABC's Democratic Presidential Debate, where Zac talks to protestors, supporters, and reticent campaign staffers. Then, Zac, Dan, and Ian witness the icy wonders of the media filing room, and throw themselves into the Spin Room with the energy of a Martin O'Malley supporter.

Today's episode features the voices of Zac Little, Chelsea Fisher, Dan Freund, Ian Servin, many protestors and rally-goers, Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley, David Muir, Bernie Sanders, George Stephanopoulos, several campaign surrogates for the now-defunct Martin O'Malley campaign, Robby Mook, Barney Frank, Jeanne Shaheen, and Steven DiSalvo, president of St. Anselm college.  I think that's all.

It also features music from The Mild Revolution--whose "7 For 7" series is currently underway. Seven free songs over seven days! Follow them on Twitter @mildrevolution

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