#DND4 6-2: AFTRBRNRS feat: @WolfCityScotty
Aug 28 '1825m
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Guest:Scotty K - @therealscottyktwitter.com/WolfCityScotty Game of Choice: Uno // Shots: Guest's Choice and Vodka Part 2 starts with Scotty K giving his feelings on 69s rape case while Keiz attempts to clean up on bets plus we start Mixxxing Feeling break down Bible Study , Yachty gets Carter uninvited to Xmas , More Joe Budden slander , and Logic AFTRBRNRS OUT NOW!!!! www.JustAnotherWeekPodcast.com - Weekly Podcastwww.theHouseofAli.com - Coming Soonwww.twitter.com/CarolinaKEiZ - Host ( Keiz Ali )www.twitter.com/Only1_Carter - Host ( Carter) --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/justanotherweekpodcast/support

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