Aug 15, 201827m
The embarrassing questions we asked as new mums
Aug 15 '1827m
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Being a new mum is a steep learning curve that no amount of baby books or unsolicited advice from random strangers can prepare you for. So looking back, as CPR Kids founder Sarah Hunstead can tell you, we all had some pretty embarrassing questions.

On the podcast this week Sarah chats with the team about the time she was convinced her baby had worms in her poo and the graphic Googling that ensured.

We also hear from Kelly Cull from Expedia about how to save money while travelling with kids in tow. It’s never too early to start planning your summer holidays.


In the news

The team also chat about a new study that revealed first-born children are more socially and emotionally available. Cassie, who's raising three kids, understandably has some thoughts, and not all of them are positive.

Meanwhile, Giles has a Christmas decoration rant, after experts reveal we should be putting our trees early this year.

Mel also asks for advice after a bout of tough questions from her kids. What are you supposed to say when your five-year-old asks the options we have when we die?

Show notes

Your hosts are Mel Wilson and Cassie Hamer with special guest Giles Hardie and our huge thanks to Sarah Hunstead and Kelly Cull.

This podcast was produced by Sinead Barrett and Nina Young.

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