Masterchef's Aaron Harvie wants dads to step up in the kitchen

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Jul 18, 201828m
Masterchef's Aaron Harvie wants dads to step up in the kitchen
Jul 18 '1828m
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You probably want to pay attention when someone who's cooked for some of Australia's best chefs offers you culinary advice. Especially when what he's saying makes so much sense.

I mean, it's 2018, it's more than time for dads to step up in the kitchen department. Especially, as Aaron Harvie points out, it can have such a huge impact on our kids' attitudes toward food.

And save you time and money.

Give the vino a miss

If you're tempted to indulge in a few glasses while dad's busy in the kitchen, Annaliese Dent has other ideas. The co-host of the Queen Sesh shares why it's important for mums to give wine o'clock a miss.

Plus, the team chat baby names and exes. Would you care if your child shared the name of your partner's ex? Are there certain names that are just off limits? Is this a discussion that people are actually having in their relationships?

And speaking of relationships, it turns out the secret to making it work long term might be louder (and smellier) than you'd think.


Your hosts are Mel Wilson and Cassie Hamer with special guests Adele Barbaro (aka The Real Mumma) and Giles Hardie. Our huge thanks to Aaron Harvie and Annaleise Dent.

This podcast was produced by Sinead Barrett and Nina Young.

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